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Our comprehensive Website Design Worksheet is designed to help you to define goals and create a vision for your Website. You will also be providing us with insight to your individual style. This vital information will help make you aware of the many options available while building your web site, - provide us with your specifications and details for the Website design, - ensure that we will design your web site to meet and exceed your expectations; and enable us to provide you with an accurate web site design quotation. Please take the time to carefully answer the following questions:

Your Name:
Company Name:
Type of Business:
Email Address:
Web Site Address:
Company Phone:
Cell Phone:
Fax Number:
1. Website and Domain Names
Have you registered a Domain Name for your Website?
Yes, I have an existing Website domain name
No, I need help searching for and registering for a Website Domain Name
Do you currently have an active Website on the internet? Yes    No
How long have you had this web site? Less than 1 Yr    1-2 Yrs    3-5 Yrs    6+ Yrs
2. Purpose of Your Website
Prior to beginning your project, we need to understand the intent for your Website. What do you want to achieve? What are your goals? Is your purpose to attract a larger audience through search engines? Or to provide information to current customers? Be as specific as possible. The more specific your goals are, the better your site will be. Please rate the following with "1" being the most important, then "2" etc.
 To provide information to my existing customers about our company/products.
 To sell products/services directly.
 To make product information and prices available.
 To give our customers a favorable impression of our company.
 To develop a list of qualified prospects for us to market to.
 To encourage customers to contact us via phone, fax or email.
 To create a "Brand Identification" for our company
3. Your Market - You know your business and who you typically sell to. Now tell us. The more information you can share with us, the more we will be able to give your Website exactly what your company needs. Who are your customers? Who is your target audience?
What is the gender of your customers? Primarily Females     Primarily Males     Females & Males
What is their occupation? White Collar Workers     Blue Collar Workers     Professionals
Business Owners     Housewives     Other     All of the above
What is their age group? Children     Teens     18-25 yrs     26-39 yrs     40-50 yrs     51-65 yrs     65+     All of the above

What kind of information will visitors be looking for on your site?
Products & Services Price Information Order Placement
Directions Contacts Special Offers

What sort of look would they be attracted to?
Traditional Contemporary Flashy Subdued Futuristic

Are you looking to expand your market area? Yes No

If yes, explain
Other Information On Your Market
4. Masthead Graphic - The masthead (Home Page) of your Website is the very first impression that people will have of your Website. It is very important that you select a look that conveys the image you are trying to present for your company. For ideas, look to your company letterhead, brochures or catalogs, etc. We can offer you several additional choices as well. Here are some of the items you will be responsible for providing us with, in order to build your Website:
Yes, I have a company logo - (you will need to provide a color copy, .jpg file or .gif file)
No, I don't have a company logo - but I am interested in having one designed

I have my own photos or drawings of my business, products or services
       (you will need to provide a color copy, .jpg file or .gif file)
I need assistance with photos for my website.

We recommend using Web-safe fonts such as Arial. However, fancy fonts can be used for headings and subheadings. The most important thing is that the fonts chosen are easy to read for your viewers.

My typeface or font style preference:

Other graphic ideas:
5. Colors and Accents - For most Websites, we recommend choosing one color as your primary color, along with one or two complimentary colors. A white background will allow for easy readability and contrast. Remember, colors represent emotions and perceptions.
  • Elegant business-like colors include navy blue, burgundy, beige and grey.
  • Fresh, healthy colors include bright primary colors like yellow, blue and green.
  • High-impact vibrant colors include red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and black.

Preferred colors for my site:
Logo PMS colors (if known):

Unsure of colors? We can assist in helping to co-ordinate colors for your Website.
6. Websites You Like and Dislike - You know what you like (and dislike) in Websites. Sharing this information with us will help us to design your Website to your satisfaction. Things to think about - What makes you like certain Websites? The layout? The colors? The photos? The navigation?

Suggestion: Visit your competitors Websites. What do you feel would make them a better Website? Many times you can find enhancements to your own site, just by taking the time to visit others.

List a few Websites that you LIKE:
Website What I liked was
Website What I liked was
Website What I liked was

List a few Websites that you DISLIKE:
Website What I disliked was
Website What I disliked was
Website What I disliked was
7. Navigation System - This is where your Website starts to take shape visually. When you decide on your visual delivery, you will also decide on what your delivery layout mechanisms will be. Each web page typically has two sets of navigation (buttons linking to other pages within your site). The first set is usually done as graphics and is either across the top of the page or vertically on the side of the page (usually the left side). The second set is often done in plain text, run across the bottom of the page.

Where would you prefer to have your main navigation?
Top of the site Down the left side of the site No preference

Do you want your navigation buttons to change appearance when the mouse rolls over them?
Yes No Don't know

Will you want to be able to link to other Websites from within your site (example: to vendors' Websites)?
Yes No Don't know

Will you want links from your HOME page and other pages to every page in the Website to enable search engines to "spider" and index the content of every page on your site?
Yes (Recommended) No Don't know
8. Website Size - You'll need to decide on how many pages you would like to start out with for your Website. More pages may be added at any time in the future. Note: We recommend a minimum of three (3) pages. Choose from the following pages:

Home Page - This is the first page of your Website and it is mandatory. It's also known as the index page. It should clearly state what your Website (and your business) is about. It may include a mission statement and contains links to all of the other inner pages of your Website. This page is your most valuable page, as it's the front door ... that first impression ... to your Website.
Inner Pages - There are many different types of inner pages, which may include:
About Us Page - Brief information about you and/or your company
Products - Products and links to vendor Websites
Services - Services and areas covered
Price List- A listing of your products and services offered along with prices
Special Offers - Seasonal promotions may be listed here
Guest Registration - Your visitors may register to be added to your private mailing list for specials
Shopping Cart - A section where visitors see products and can buy online
Request For Information - For more information, visitors will fill out this form and submit via email
Contact Us - Contains information on how to contact you. May include a form for visitors to fill out.
Policy Page - Provides clear definition of how you intend to use information collected on your site.
Order Form - Allows for online ordering by Website visitors
Delivery - Details of the delivery options
FAQ's - Frequently asked questions about your business, products or services
Directions - Detailed driving directions to your business may be provided
Career Opportunities - Post openings & recruit staff for your company via the internet
Testimonials - Letters of recommendation or testimonials from satisfied clients

Approximate number of pages I would like to start with

Approximate budget you have for this project?
9. Basic Page Elements - These important items will appear on most pages of your Website. They give your Website a continuity that will make it easier to navigate.
Page Titles - Appear at the top of the web browser. You will need to compose a short title for each page of your site.
Top-of-page-graphic - This should reflect the masthead you have chosen for your home page
Logo - Standard company ID or logo near the bottom of each page
E-mail - response link to the following e-mail address:
Copyright and trademark information in small print at the bottom of every page. What (if any) registered trademarks, copyrights, or service marks would you like to indicate here?
Key Word or Phrase - What is the number one word or phrase you think people will use to find your Website?
Other Words or Phrases - Consider other important words or phrases that people will use to find your Website.
10. Photos, Graphics etc. - As part of our contract, you have stated that you own the copyright to, or have permission from the copyright owner to use any photos or graphics you send us for your Website. In addition to what you send us, there are other options available to you. You may have your own photos, or use Clipart (we don't recommend Clipart, as it looks unprofessional on a Website). Included with our contract, we may place stock photos in your site when we are in development. In addition, we can offer additional assistance in specialized photo selection - which would be billed at our prevailing hourly rate.
I have my own photos/graphics and will supply as color art, .jpg or .gif files
I would be interested in information on specialized photo selection.
11. Copy Writing - Who is going to write the copy (text) for your Website? Although we suggest keeping your copy concise and to the point - it still must be written in an attention-getting manner.
I will provide all text for my Website in an electronic format. I understand it must be in a MS WORD Document or text file provided via email, on a 3 1/2 floppy diskette or CD.
I will need copy writing services. (Note: ATX Webmasters copy writing service is flexible. You may choose to only have one page written or several. You can even choose to write your own copy and have our copywriter fine tune it. All of ATX Websmasters copy writing services would be at the prevailing hourly rate.)

12. Response Forms - We recommend using one or more types of response forms, depending on what your goals are. A response form is a way for you to track visitors (prospects) to your Website. Choose from the following:
Guest Registration - Allows you to know who has visited your site. This should be optional so as not to chase away prospects and visitors that don't wish to register.
Request for information.
Contact us - we recommend that you have this on every page so that visitors find it easy to contact you.

We offer additional services that include such things as order forms and secure credit card payments over the web. These are parts of a more extensive custom program and we would be pleased to discuss these with you - if you feel this is important to your site. Please check any that are of interest to you:
I'd be interested in more information on order forms
I'd like to accept secure credit card payments.
I'd be interested in a shopping cart for my Website
I'd be interested in a flash presentation on my home page (animated audio/visual movie graphic & music)
My Website needs to be database driven (to interact with a separate database)
13. Standard Features of ATX Websites - ATX strives to supply the best in Website development. As a result, we feel that it is important to include certain elements on each and every Website we build. These will help to make your Website more productive and profitable. As part of your standard contract with ATX, included in your Website will be (unless you request otherwise):
  • Complete Company Information On Each Page - This may include company name/identity, address, phone number, fax number and contact email address. The contact email address will allow visitors to send you an email inquiry simply by clicking on the address - quick and easy!
  • Add This Site To My Favorites - We don't like to leave anything up to chance, so each page will have a button to add your site to the visitor's favorite Website list on their computer.
  • Send This Site To A Friend - Once your Website is up and completed, you will want to encourage as many visitors to your site as possible. This simple button will allow visitors to send their friends your Website address for them to visit.
14. Website Hosting: We suggest that our clients use our web hosting service which will be tailored to your specific needs. We will however be glad to work with another hosting service if you prefer.
I would like ATX Webmasters to host my site
I would prefer to have my site hosted by
Their phone number is E-mail address
*Please note: For this option you must have your web hosting service grant permission to ATX to access the Website, including all necessary folders
15. Registering and Advertising Your Website - Upon completion of your Website and payment in full, we will register/submit your Website information to the following search engines for inclusion: Google, Yahoo & MSN. Prior to doing this, we will work with you to select suitable "keywords" and a carefully constructed 20-25 word sentence containing the most important "keywords".

16. Statistical Information On Your Website - We can also provide statistical information to you about the visitors to your Website. These include the number of visits, the time of day and days of the week, length of visits and number of pages visited. Please inquire about pricing for this service.
I'd like more details on statistical information that is available on my Website.

17. Maintenance - Our contract package includes minor updates and changes to your site during the first three months. It does not include changing the basic content of a page, rewriting copy or adding pages. We offer several maintenance and support packages to our clients. Please ask about these if you are interested.
I'm interested in more information on maintenance and support packages available for my Website

18. Website Template Design Or Custom Website Design - Website design templates (pre-designed Websites) have made Website design more lucrative and desirable - saving businesses thousands of dollars in design fees. Do you feel a personalized template design would work for your company? Or do you need a custom-designed site?
I'd be interested in a template design that would be personalized for my business
I would prefer a custom designed Website
19. Rate Your Website Knowledge - Let us know how familiar you are with the Internet and Website Marketing. Check one of the following statements that most applies to your Internet/Website knowledge.
Excellent - Extremely Internet savvy - I am online daily and use email as part of my day-to-day business
Good - Somewhat Internet familiar - accessing it occasionally for business and using email daily
Fair - Unfamiliar with accessing the Internet - I have someone else do it for me and don't use email
Need Help - No idea how to access the Internet/no email; however, I want to get my business on the web
20. Completion Goal - A standard Website completion is generally accomplished within 6 weeks from our receipt of all required copy and graphics from you. Depending upon our current workload, we may or may not be able to accommodate your special Website completion needs.
A Website completion date of 6 weeks from the date I provide all needed graphics and copy is acceptable.
I need a Website completion date of






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