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Although we will always be available to answer all your search engine optimization marketing questions, we've put together a list of the most commonly asked questions to give you a head start.

What exactly is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results, or the higher it "ranks", the more searchers will visit that site. SEO can also target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Why would I want to start a SEO Maketing Campaign?
Think what it would be like if no one could easily find your place of business, or even your telephone number. Most businesses could not continue for long in such a situation.

The same thing can happen with your web site if people cannot easily locate it. Traffic volume, if it existed at all, slows to a crawl. Don't lose business because your site can't be found. Contact ATX Webmasters Today!

What are the "Major Search Engines?"
The most important search engines to have your site indexed in are: Google, MSN Live Search, and Yahoo!.

Do I Need Search Engine Optimization?
If you want your site to be found, then you must optimize it for search; and basically, that means you must make it visible to search engines. Web sites in today's competitive business market that are not optimized for search don't have much of a chance of being found by potential customers; and that goes for non-business sites as well.

What are Meta Tags?
Meta Tags are very important information placed in a web page not intended for users to see, but instead passes unseen information to search engine crawlers, browser software and some other applications.

What is a Robots File?
A robots file, named "robots.txt" is a file in which webmasters can use to keep web pages from being indexed from web crawlers and search engines such as Google.

Will SEO disturb the integrity of my design while implementing the optimization changes?
The best answer is NO in most cases. There are times that changes will be recommended in order to improve the overall performance of the site. For example, we may recommend that art-based text be converted into HTML to aid the search engine optimization process.

Do you outsource any of the SEO or Website Marketing? All services we provide are done in house at ATX Webmasters in Mentor, Ohio. We are not one of those web design companies who outsources projects over seas in order to make a fast buck. We have pride in our talented American employees - and we plan to keep it that way.

What is Pay Per Click?
Pay per click advertising on search engines allows individuals to choose keywords they would like their site to appear for when a search is performed. With Pay Per Click advertising, you decide how much you are willing to pay every time a person clicks on the search results. The more you are willing to bid or pay per click, the higher your site will appear in the results for the keywords you choose.

Which Search Engines Allow Pay Per Click Advertising?
There are hundreds of pay per click search engines, but the most used are the major search engines such as Google, MSN Live Search, and Yahoo!.



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