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Law Firms Need Full-Court Press
For SEO Placements, New Clients

Just like any other business professionals, lawyers and their law firms are continually striving to attract new clients for their legal practice. The primary source for lawyers to market to new clients is through the Internet and their Web site. Matching the content of a law firm's Web site or blog to its appropriate audience should be the central focus of a law firm's search engine optimization strategy.

Search Engine Optimization is so valuable primarily because it enables law firms and lawyers to reach new clients beyond their existing customer base. It's not enough for a law firm to have a Web site designed and constructed, and then leave it to exist on its own. Search engine optimization is paramount to the success of any Web site - including that of a law firm.

Most law firms have a detailed description about their practice on their Web site. Profiles of each attorney, as well as contact information, are two other essential elements for the site. A law firm's Web site must contain good information for potential clients to access. After all, many new clients will decide to use the services of a law firm based on the information provide to them on the Web site.

Lawyers - whether they practice alone or are a partner in a larger law firm - can strengthen their Web presence with effective SEO, eCommerce, and email marketing initiatives. The experts at ATXWEBMASTERS can help lawyers grab the reigns of their practice and direct it to new heights through increased Internet traffic.

A strong case for SEO

Many lawyers and law firms are looking to regionalize their practice by taking it outside of the boundaries of their immediate metropolitan area. Firms looking for increased market share, those who are market leaders, and those who demand top search rankings understand the value of effective SEO.

A good SEO strategy will enable firms to increase market share for lucrative or high-margin areas of practice, and provide a competitive regional practice, where service pages are buried beyond the second page of search results.

Firms with a new or innovative service offering, and ones that seeks the first strike advantage, also must employ sound SEO fundamentals to succeed on the Internet.

The experts at ATXWEBMASTERS will help to design, populate, and develop Web sites for lawyers and law firms. ATXWEBMASTERS also offers innovative search engine optimization. SEO encompasses everything from consultation, keyword research, and copy writing, to redevelopment of a Web site and creation of incoming links. Our internet marketing service also includes submission to all major search engines, such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo!, as well as reporting on results.

ATXWEBMASTERS' team of experienced search engine marketing and SEO consultants have the techniques and know-how to drive regionally targeted traffic to your Web site quickly and efficiently.

Put your website's effectiveness on trial

Granted your law firm's Web site may be creative and visually appealing, but is it generating clients and helping you to retain clients? You cannot create income from unbilled hours. An effective Web site - one that goes beyond the visual - will greatly improve your chances of aggressively gaining new clients and producing income.

ATXWEBMASTERS offers complete eCommerce solutions that combine the best design in online operations, marketing and branding. Customized eCommerce solutions allow for the flexibility to design, pick, choose and create custom functionality to meet the unique needs of a law firm.

Clients looking for legal representation want help quickly and efficiently. Enhance your caseload with a clean Web site that is easy to navigate, and effectively commands SEO attention.



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