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Barter Trade For Website Design and Development,
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You've put off developing a Website for your company long enough. Your business, and the stiff competition you face on the Internet, demands that you have a solid Web presence - in order to do business in the electronic age.

The biggest obstacle holding you back is cash. You keep asking yourself: How can I finance a Website when my cash is already tight? Here's a clue. Have you looked at the inventory sitting on the shelves of your warehouse? Why not join a business-to-business trade exchange - like ATX The Barter Company - and trade your excess inventory for a new Web site?

ATX The Barter Company is helping companies just like yours to trade what they have for what they need. Best of all, they help you to generate new customers and allows you to save cash by using your trade account when you need to make business or personal purchases.

ATX - and any barter system -- works much like a bank, providing control, record keeping, and administration for your barter activities. This bank is similar to a cash bank, but it's better. At the end of each month, clients receive an itemized statement summarizing their trades - sales and purchases - and updating their account balances.

Do business better with barter
As an ATX member, you sell your products and services to other members of the ATX barter network. Instead of being paid in cash, you are paid in ATX trade dollars. For valuation purposes, one ATX trade dollar is equivalent to that of one U.S. dollar. The value of each sale you make on trade is credited to your company's ATX trade account.

Once you have completed an order for another ATX member, the barter trade dollars earned can then be spent for the purchase of any other product or service available from any other business within ATX.

"We have taken the standard type of direct trade transaction that businesses have been using since the beginning of time, and made it even better," said Tom McDowell, who founded ATX in 1982. "We take care of all the bookkeeping and provide innovative marketing tools to help you generate new business for your company - customers over and above your regular cash business."

For facilitating these transactions, and making available a wide network of potential trading partners, ATX receives a small percentage fee on all transactions, along with a monthly administrative fee.

Web site one of many available barter items
Barter is used by smart business owners - like you - and includes such businesses as florists, jewelers, landscapers, restaurants, auto repair shops, printing, office products, heating and cooling contractors, paint and wallpaper contractors, telephone and security systems, hotels and resort locations, and Web site design and development. Jack Holl, owner of Jack's Pools and Spas in Madison, Ohio, barter traded pools and spas for his Web site design through ATX The Barter Company. ATXWEBMASTERS, an ATX client, provided Holl with a better functioning Web site and design - and saved him cash in the process. Nicole Joeright, owner of Raun's Hairdressers and Day Spa in Willoughby, Ohio, traded for her Web site - and a hot new e-mail marketing program. Tim Shaker, owner of Manhattan Deli in Mentor, Ohio, also added an opt-in e-mail marketing component to his newly designed site.

Members of ATX also are kept aware of complete product and service availabilities by constant contact with ATX brokers and staff members.

In addition, clients are advised daily on barter availabilities through The ATX Barter Directory, ATX eNewsletters, Fax Flashes, emails, and other promotional materials.

Why you should barter
Barter can be used both as a tool to ease cash flow problems for established and expanding businesses, and to help build a client base for the new entrepreneur. Businesses barter everything from home furnishings, landscaping, and car repairs, to copiers, printing, and travel - plus everything in between.

In addition, ATX increases the marketability of its members' products and services by promoting them throughout the entire national trade network called The BANC (Barter Association National Currency).

"With just a bit of your time and effort invested in being educated in barter, you will be amazed at what can be accomplished through an affiliation with ATX," McDowell said. "We've traded everything from Rolls-Royces to funerals. With barter, if you can image it, you can trade for it."

To join ATX The Barter Company and start trading products and services for website design, or any other internet marketing service, contact a sales representative at 440-205-9500, or visit An ATX executive will give you the key to unlock new doors of waiting customers.
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